Erotic massage for women

Erotic massage for women: exotic for the elite or a demanded service?

The phrase “ erotic massage Kiev for women” even now still makes some women blush and other ladies giggle strangely. Even the youngest and most progressive ones cannot really say what erotic massage for women is and how erotic it is.

What services are provided by massage parlors offering erotic massage for women?

Эротический массаж для женщинErotic massage services are carried out according to the price list. The cheapest massage will cost you without active stimulation of intimate areas. Such erotic massage differs from the usual one except in a more romantic setting and the appearance of a masseur. It is quite possible that this will be enough to relax and feel like a woman.

If a woman wants to “relax” before reaching orgasm, the masseur will try to help her with this. This type of massage is more expensive. Active stimulation of intimate areas begins only after a preliminary massage of the whole body. It lasts no more than 20% of the session.

For a fee, you can order VIP services in the salon. The specifics of the services are negotiated separately and by default are not disclosed. Massage parlors cannot afford to lose clients. After all, there are much fewer of them than men willing to pay for erotic massage. Even a one-time information leak can ruin a salon. And not just jeopardize its reputation.

Should erotic massage be considered cheating and does love for it make a woman unattractive to men?

It all depends on attitudes. In some families, husbands do not hesitate to order erotic massage for women for their wives themselves. In families with more traditional attitudes, it is better to leave the spouse the right to secrecy.

A woman, who is in an open relationship or does not have a permanent partner, has every right to choose which types of massage she likes best. Of course, it is better to talk about the features of erotic massage with your masseur and, possibly, with a close friend. Instead of making your way of relaxation public domain.

After all, no one tells colleagues or neighbors about the specifics of visiting doctors. Or digestive problems. The right to privacy is one of the basic benefits of modern society.

The healing effect of erotic massage for women

The human body is a highly customizable “mechanism”. If a man can “tune”, excuse the involuntary pun, “by hand”, then a woman needs a little more comfort in order to relax, put hormones in order, feel confident and strong.

Unfortunately, not only the modern lifestyle, but also close relationships do not contribute to relaxation. As a result, women experience stress. This affects the physical condition. In addition, women are often brought up in such a way that even in sex with a loved one they cannot begin to think about their own pleasure.

Finding out the capabilities of your own body using a massage parlor can be useful not only for relaxation. But also for subsequent or current relationships outside its walls.