VIP erotic massage

VIP erotic massage

Вип эротический массажIt is quite natural to want to receive premium services. They are distinguished by advanced features for the client, which often remain beyond the bounds of what is permitted. If you have financial solvency, it is recommended to use an erotic VIP massage. Its high cost is justified by the client’s emancipation to a naked masseuse, where it is permissible for the hands to take possession of the entire body of a young girl.

Erotic VIP massage consists of eroticism and healing techniques

The salon never forgets about medical massage techniques, because it is impossible to comprehend the height of pleasure when the lower back or back makes itself felt. The experienced hands of the masseuse will work every area on the client’s body with point movements. After the session, the body will be rejuvenated for 10 or more years.

Erotic VIP – erotic massage also concentrates around young girls. Several charming courtesans, left alone with you in a private room, will fulfill almost any client’s wishes. For one and a half to two hours of a session, in addition to body massage with a full touch of the bodies, you can experience the pleasure of taking a shower together. Naked wet bodies still did not leave anyone indifferent.

The main differences between VIP massage and other services in the salon

VIP turns the visitor into the host of the evening, which means you can afford the following:

  • touching masseuses;
  • reciprocal kiss and caress;
  • taking a hot bath with the girls;
  • seductive fantasy warming up striptease;
  • if desired, the session does not end until the client’s orgasm.

As a greeting to a dear guest, a gift of champagne and hookah becomes a gift. Peep-show is a great opportunity to smoke your favorite tobacco while drinking good noble champagne. There is nowhere to rush when there is a whole 120 minutes of session in stock.

After visual pleasure, hands will reach for the beautiful – young girls. Two or more girls, also hot with passion for each other, will easily surrender to the visitor. Kisses will overwhelm everyone in the private room. Twilight with fog after the hookah will give everything that is happening fuzzy silhouettes, which will allow fantasy to play out in earnest.

Only wealthy men can afford VIP

VIP Erotic massage in Kherson in itself indicates a man’s belonging to high society. This service becomes pride for the one who experienced it and envy on the part of others. You can now stand out against the background of your surroundings thanks to a salon that provides erotic services.