With departure

Erotic massage with a visit to the client

Эротический массаж с выездом к клиентуIf, for any reason, you cannot visit our salon, but the desire to use our services does not diminish from this, our girls are always ready to come to visit you :)! As soon as possible, the masseuse will arrive at the address indicated by you and, bringing with her unforgettable feelings, will give them to you without a trace. When ordering this service, the price of the massage does not change, the fare for the girl in both directions is added to the cost of the massage. Attention!!! We do not provide services of an intimate nature.

Gentle touches and beautiful nudity – all at your home! You should not deny yourself the pleasure, because https://faraon-massage.com.ua/ erotic massage will relieve your fatigue.

How to get rid of tiredness after a long day without leaving your home

Tough work schedule, end of the month, reporting time, or just having a tough day? Oh, how you would like to just fall on your familiar home bed, and not hang around in the evening constant traffic jams for a couple of hours, and so that it becomes unrealistically good. There is a way out for a long time, you need to collect a little more energy into a fist and call, so that an erotic massage with a visit to the client becomes a long-awaited fulfillment of your desires. While you take an evening shower or drink a mug of something warm, a car with a beautiful girl will already drive up to you, about whom, it would seem, you dreamed of all this day and for the next hour or two her skillful hands will relax your body, and beautiful nudity to please the eye.

How does it work

If the choice is made and erotic massage with a visit to your home has become your objective necessity, just dial our phone number. The pleasant voice of our administrator will answer you and assure you that you really don’t need to go anywhere, start the car again or even get up from the couch, beauty and bliss will find you on their own. You will learn about possible programs of erotic massage, decide on the girl who will go to you and tell you your coordinates, and then you just have to wait a little in anticipation of something truly relaxing. A craftswoman of attractive appearance, having arrived at your apartment, will skillfully take the reins of control over your feelings into her own hands. The same programs are available to you as in the salon, of course, as far as your home conditions allow. After that, you just have to make yourself comfortable, the masseuse in Eva’s attire will begin witchcraft over your over-strained body, relaxing your muscles and nerves and taking all your experiences somewhere far away, where you will no longer find them. Sensual hands will put your body in order, and the beauty of a naked female body, exciting the mystery of the action taking place and the ease of erotic touch, coupled with the energy returning to the body, will bring you to complete relaxation and leave with you only unforgettable sensations that will remind you of us as the best way out after a difficult week.

How much is this pleasure worth?

You shouldn’t worry too much about it, erotic massage on departure costs at standard rates for the program plus a round trip of the masseuse by taxi. Of course, you can additionally reward the craftswoman for her talent, if she deserves it.